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Change Management

Behaviour breeds behaviour. It is a fact that what we do has a direct influence on the people we're doing it to. As a result of our actions they will respond as they see fit. So often, however, this response is not quite what we wanted.

So then, why does it happen? Because as leaders we often fail to understand that the way we think things should be isn't necessarily how everyone else sees things.

Great Leadership is about understanding the impact and influence you have on others through your own actions and using this knowledge positively to engage them in delivering results.

At Liviana, our approach to leadership is not to blind you with theory and hypnotize you with powerpoint. It is to provide opportunities for you to experience the impact of your own actions on others through simulated activities. Activities that have all of the characteristics you'd find within your role as a leader. The most powerful aspect of our approach is that you can't ignore something when it happens because it's there for everyone to see. Using expert facilitation we draw out the learning from these experiences and apply these to new situations to observe the change. Not so amazingly the result is nearly always more positive!

Our leadership development work is simplistic in its format, practical and focused entirely on the way we behave that helps or hinders performance.

“Working with Liviana and Lucy on our leadership development programme brought real value to both individual management team members and to the team as a whole.”

"I (and the management team) was particularly impressed with the approach that Lucy takes to understanding the business, team and individual challenges, before proposing not only a well structured programme with some refreshing new concepts and tools based around experiential learning, but also the important aspect of sustaining the change and measuring effectiveness going forward. Overall a very powerful experience which underpinned our change programme.”

Leadership Development can be driven by the personal needs of individual leaders.

Senior Business Leaders. The most common challenges we work with at this level are making time to think strategically, engaging and empowering people to do more for themselves and the need to constantly change.

Departmental Leaders. The biggest challenge we find today for this group is that you have to learn to be more proactive and forward looking, whilst at the same time becoming less hands on with the day-to-day. Influencing skills become a key ingredient to delivering results through others.

New Leaders. At this stage the greatest need tends to be managing the transition from being led to being the leader of others. Challenging poor performance, inspiring others and not doing it all yourself are just some of the common issues we work with.

Leadership Development can be driven by an organisation's need to develop specific skills.

 Empowering People. As margins get smaller, lead times get shorter and costs get squeezed ever more tightly, businesses need to dig deep to find the extra efficiencies they are striving for. Empowerment may seem like a fad but it is still one of the best routes to finding significant improvements to improve operations. We can help organisations to utilise empowered thinking to deliver greater results across the business.

Coaching Leadership. We meet many leaders who spend far too much time doing the job of others and then doing their own, often at home! It is a common practice and can lead to stifled decision making, a lack of motivation and decreased productivity. We help leaders to recognise the business impact of coaching others to be more capable and support them in developing the skills to coach.

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