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Change Management

We spend lots of time with lots of clients who spend lots of time in lots of meetings that seem to achieve a lot less than they should. Furthermore, they often say there are more useful things they could be doing with their time than sit in a room digressing, arguing, waffling and intellectualising. If you've experienced this type of situation before then maybe it's time to look at a different approach.

Facilitation is a powerful alternative to the usual approach to managing meetings, whether it's team meetings, project meetings, focus groups or conference break outs. Our approach to facilitation is simple

we allow conversation to occur when it is purposeful
we drive conclusions which result in action and achievement
we prevent disruption through digression and pointless argument

Most importantly, we help you to achieve what needs to be achieved in the time you need it to be done.

Coaching seems to be the latest craze, with an explosion of individuals selling themselves as life coaches, phobia coaches and business coaches amongst others. I suppose if we were to label our own approach to coaching it would have to be "Results Coaches". That's because we are more interested in the results than anything else. We're about getting you out of coaching, not keeping you in it.

We are highly pragmatic in our approach. We start by exploring what needs to be achieved against the reality of the current situation and work on pinpointing root causes. Once we have an idea of the causes we help the individual or group to recognise the solutions they have available to them. In recognising the solution we then support them in developing the confidence to put it into practice consistently.

The result often speaks for itself. When going through coaching with us, we enable a quicker route to the goal that leaves the individual, confident, able and resilient enough to fend for themselves without further intervention.

Below are a number of case studies where we have worked with a client to provide facilitation or coaching.
  • Our management team meetings are pointless - a complete waste of time.  Action points are agreed, however, only a few members of the team deliver what they agree.


  • Three departments need to work together to deliver a project to a key client.  They are so wrapped up in their departmental requirements they are not supporting the overall project and this has become clear to the client.


  • The business needs restructuring to achieve its objectives. I am a newly appointed MD and I need to work with the board to gain their commitment.  I require a strong facilitator to draw out the need for radical change in our meetings.


  • The results of our employee opinion survey are poor.  We need to understand what improvements the employees consider we should be making - however these must be reasonable in terms of cost and time and deliver tangible benefits.

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