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Change Management

Concerned about your performance?  When things are not right within your business it can sometimes seem impossible to see how to fix it.  Often this is because you are too close to the situation to see the wood from the trees or you are simply too busy sorting out the ramifications of the problems that you just haven't got time to deal with the problem itself.  All the while the cost of this poor performance is mounting up; late deliveries, customer complaints, poor staff retention and increasing costs to name a few.  It can also be difficult to admit that you need help when you feel that you should have the answers.

The reality is that we all need support from time to time and we have years of experience supporting organisations facing the odd challenge or two. We follow a simple four stage process when working with you.

  • Diagnosis - This involves us helping you to identify the root causes to the problem and then prioritising the ones which need most urgent attention. Often this will involve spending some time in the business observing people in action, running workshops and talking to key people involved.
  • Determining the solution - We work with you to achieve this to ensure the commitment of everyone is gained.  We facilitate workshops to ensure it works for everyone in the business and of course your customers and suppliers.
  • Implementation - We will work with you to an agreed plan of action. This could involve as much or as little input from us as is necessary depending on your needs and the situation. Our approach here is often to guide people to be able to implement things for themselves.
  • Monitor and Evaluate - This is the most important stage and will have begun initially during the Diagnosis stage where we agreed the criteria for success. The first part of this stage is to check that what you said you were going to do and what you actually did are the same. Also we will use the original success criteria to measure the effect of the improvements and prove the success of the project.

All along the journey we are on hand to support, challenge, nag and cajole you as necessary. We may even fall out on the odd occasion but it will only ever be in support of you fixing the problem.

You may be forgiven for wondering why we are needed at all. Over the years we have worked with many companies from various different backgrounds. This has helped us to build up a large collection of tips, techniques and experiences that help us to help you resolve problems. Furthermore, because we coach you and your people, you end up with the tools for next time, kind of like two for the price of one!

  • We have recently merged with another company and need to merge procedures. We'd like to take the best of both and leave behind the worst, resulting in improved efficiency.


  • The number of vehicles (the most important resource in the business) off the road is causing mayhem, costing a fortune and inhibiting the achievement of our objectives.


  • We need to grow as a business and that means we need to have people ready for promotion and we just don't.


  • We have to recruit people who speak limited English. How do we manage them day to day? How do we train them? How do we ensure that we are providing them with a safe working environment?


  • We are way off achieving our service level agreement with our client and if we don't improve quickly we will lose our most important client which will result in unthinkable consequences.

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