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Change Management


Teambuilding when done in the right way can have a dramatic positive effect on a team's performance. When not done properly it can result in nothing more than a jolly from the office which does little to change "same as before" performance. We have a huge amount of experience in providing team development that translates into noticeable change in the workplace.

We specialise in working with strategic groups that need to create and embed improved organisational performance. We help groups become strategically aligned around a common direction, approach and purpose. The ultimate result of our process is to help you create action that drives your organisation to higher performance.

Strategic Team Building Executive Away Day

Our process typically begins with an away day. The process may include one-to-one interviews, focus groups and/or survey work to gather data. Then, a 2-3 day offsite is designed. After the offsite we provide Team Coaching ensuring that the process continues to drive the impact and results you desire.

Our strategic team building approach is rooted in the following areas:

Process Consultation: Here we work with you to create performance enhancing relationships. We help you discover problems and opportunities, we provoke your thinking, and then help you create and deliver the appropriate solutions.

Organisational Behavior: This area focuses on the individual behaviour and group dynamics within your organisation and explores how these could be improved in order to deliver improved performance.

Organisational Development: We help you to transform your organisational culture by exploiting what works really well and changing the things that don't.

Experiential Learning: The process in which learning is achieved through active participation and skill practice and then applied to your work situations

Teambuilding doesn't always have to be about fixing problems and can be a great way to reward or maintain good performance.

We have decades of experience in working with organisations that want to fix something that's not quite working as well as it should.  And we're happy to help, but that's not all our teambuilding does.

We also view teambuilding as an extremely important maintenance process. Why wait till something goes wrong before you take action to fix it? We use teambuilding to help prevent potential problems by helping teams develop a strength of unity and common purpose.

Your team will participate in a series of "crystal maze" style challenges. Each challenge has been designed to replicate all the usual behaviours you would expect to see demonstrated by effective teams and leaders. The difference is, we remove all the common distractions that go with organisations; politics, 100s of e-mails, phone ringing constantly and allow delegates to focus entirely on how behaviour affects performance.

After each activity the team undergoes a facilitated review of their performance. The facilitator guides the team to look at key aspects such as planning and communication drawing on what worked and what didn't. In a very short space of time delegates will begin making connections between what they are doing in an activity and what happens back at work.

From this point we start to work out what needs to change and how they can make it happen back at work. During this part of the discussion we will encourage people to think about things that they can directly influence and make happen, not the things they can't.

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