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Change Management

When people don't understand what needs to be done and why it needs to be done, they make it up. This is according to recent research compiled by Gallup. Furthermore, those organisations that have a clear strategy and communicate this so that all employees understand their part in it achieve up to 30% better business results. A compelling reason to make it work!

When working with organisations to develop strategy we follow four key stages.


Understanding what a strategy is - Keeping it simple, we guide you through exploring the key ingredients needed to start developing your strategy.

Developing your strategy - We facilitate you in developing your strategy, ensuring it is clear, unambiguous and exciting.

Communicating and inspiring others - For any strategy to be realised it requires the efforts of everyone in the organisation.  Here we explore the ways of achieving this.

Planning to accomplish your strategy - At this point our support is geared towards moving the strategy from a document to action. To do this we help you to create tactical plans, departmental objectives and personal objectives. Each of these is created to ensure people understand how their objectives relate to achieving the overall strategy.

Monitoring - The process of monitoring ensures that you are regularly checking your progress against your strategy. Some reviews will go smoothly, others will be more challenging.  We guide the first few reviews before handing this over to the team.

There are models galore on strategic thinking and we've probably come across most of them. There are also lots of organisations who pack them into their courses. We like to think we offer a refreshingly different approach to the subject. Our experience shows that it is not a lack of know how, but more an ability to put strategic thinking into practice, amongst the constant distractions, pressures and demands for your time.

We help individuals work through situations where they need to apply strategic thinking. Through exploring their actual behaviour we facilitate them to draw their own conclusions on how they need to adapt their thinking and apply this to the next activity.

One of the key benefits to working with us is our drive for tangible change within the workplace. That is why we always ensure that the learning gained, during a solution, is translated in personal action planning that is applied to real work situations.

Examples of work....

We are the distribution department of a retail business doubling in size over the next ten years.  We must ensure we are proactive to support the stores growth by developing a strategy which helps us overcome challenges such as road's clogging up, predicted increases in the cost of fuel and being environmentally friendly. We need to develop a robust strategy that focuses everyone on the long term, not just today's challenges.

We are a team with functional responsibilities that need to project our thinking from looking up to 12 months forward to looking up to 5 years forward to ensure we invest wisely as our competition is tough and getting tougher.

As part of a company-wide restructure of roles and responsibilities, we have been asked to produce a strategy.  This is totally new territory to us and sounds terrifying. Please help us and keep it simple.

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