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Change Management

We are what we choose to do. If that is the case then the culture of a business is largely driven by the collective way in which people behave and the actions they take on behalf of the business.

So is it any wonder why we get cultures that seem to do more harm than good? Well, there are two main reasons; because behaviour breeds behaviour and because leaders fail to take effective action to correct poor behaviour that already exists.

So how do you change or evolve your business culture?

Why does a business decide to change it's culture? Ultimately it is to improve profitability and enhance the business's performance. In which case it is important that you understand what change this culture shift is going to have on your business before you invest time, effort and money in doing it.

That is one of the most important aspects of our approach. Any business leader can make a decision to change aspects of their culture. Making this kind of decision without understanding why and what the benefits will be is fool hardy and yet it can be so difficult to determine specifically what the change will produce. We can help to turn some of this unknown into something understandable that motivates and inspires.

We work with you to determine why you want to change the culture and how the current culture is inhibiting the business. We then work with the most senior leaders to gain agreement, commitment and desire to change. Once we are sure the top team are thoroughly engaged we then facilitate the development of a plan.

Once all of this is in place, the real challenge starts. Life within your business hasn't changed just because you say you want a different culture. There needs to be a relentless focus on making the shift occur in spite of all those things that will throw you off track. This may be resistive employees not wanting to change, managers too set in their ways to change or even processes which don't support the new way of working. Whatever the challenge, we can support the drive and focus to change and help you to overcome the barriers and obstacles for yourself.

Below you find a selection of scenarios which reflect some of the organisational and cultural issues we have been asked to deal with. This list is just a representative sample and we do have others if you are looking for something specific.

  • Creating a deadline driven culture
  • Moving away from a dictatorial culture to one of coaching and support
  • Creating a culture of empowerment and decision making
  • Shifting a cultural mindset of medium business to large business operating professionally
  • Helping a people focused business that has found it's reputation is renowned for being "soft" win back the respect of others by toughening up on poor performance/behaviour.

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