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Look at any customer survey feedback and nine times out of ten it will come down to two key things. Either the customer feels that your processes and procedures aren't working in the way they want them to, or the staff don't treat them the way they expect to be treated. More often than not it is both areas that need to be looked at and rarely do they go wrong in isolation.

If you are reading this then chances are you may be suffering one or both of the above. You will also probably be painfully aware of the consequences of these issues on your business both in the rising cost of managing customer problems and lower revenues and profitability. Orgnanisations spend huge amounts of time, money and effort on winning their customers so it makes sense that they should put this same time, money and effort into retaining them as effectively as possible. We all know it's cheaper to retain our existing customers........or do we?

The good news is that we can help in both areas!

Developing customer focussed behaviours. Undoubtedly the single biggest cause of lost custom is an indifference a customer faces with one of your staff. This may occur for any number of reasons from a member of staffs personal situation that day to a general lack of understanding of the customer's importance to the business.

We have worked with a great many businesses over the years, many of whom are brand leaders and retail giants. One of the key things we've learnt is that procedures, brand and money don't drive behaviour, it's a person own choice and desire that drives either good or not so good behaviour. For an organisation, it is tapping into this choice and desire that has the biggest potential to create the best customer experiences.

When working with organisations to improve customer service behaviour, we will use a range of tools to help understand what is going on currently, what the future should look like and the things that are getting in the way. Once we develop this understanding, we work on a solution that helps create the desire to choose the right behaviours, more of the time.

Developing customer focussed procedures. Procedures are often those things that start off as a means of helping staff know what to do, how to do it and the rules around what you can and can't do. All too often they become crutches that allow a member of staff to respond to each customer in the same robotic way. So how well do your procedures reflect the variability and flexibility of your customer types and needs?

Customer service procedures do two things. They provide the simplest, quickest and most comfortable way for a customer to do business with you and they provide staff with a guide to balancing the business needs with creating a fantastic customer experience. It is often poor biasing of procedure that is the biggest culprit of a poor customer experience. Our primary concern when working with a client on developing customer focussed procedures is simple; they should support a great customer experience not inhibit it.

We can support your organisation by using a range of tools to help identify those aspects of procedure that work against the customer experience. These can often include aspects such as; system constraints; unnecessary steps; unnecessary information or potential for loss of information or error.

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